H8 Inc – A Clockwork Misery

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Artist: H8 INC
Label: Fraternal Order of Felon Records
Release Date:

Following their releases of Fraternal Order of Felons and Life
Of Pain, Motor City’s finest have launched an all out aural assault known as A Clockwork Misery. Lyrically gully, musically battering the album succeeds in reflecting the incessant struggles of life.

Intro’ing with a sample from the albums namesake a Clockwork Orange (for the geeks: it’s the scene when Alex, now cured stumbles upon the house where he forcibly made merry with the lady of the house) you half expect the sample to lead into some warped remix of “Singing In The Rain” but instead you get a remake of “Misery” (off Life Of Pain) sped up and if even possible more aggressive than the original version. “Smash”, appropriately named is every pit enthusiasts dance song, light on the breakdowns but heavy on the melodic groove. A nice changeup since H8 Inc has created some of the most bedlam inciting breakdowns the Midwest has seen in years. “Intro-American Justice” has an intro straight out of the golden age of metal (think the days of Pantera or Megadeath) and then shifts gears all together into a hardcore song and speaking of breakdowns… Pound for pound this album is a heart racing, fist bloodied, wrecking ball of guitars, drums and some very gruff and powerful vocals, great for weddings, kids parties, bar/batmitzvahs and any occasion that includes family, especially elderly family.

www.H8INC.com // www.myspace.com/h8inc

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