Wisdom In Chains


Artist: Wisdom In Chains
Label: I Scream Records

Q. How would you describe WIC’s music?

Basically the music we write is just a combination of all the music we loved throughout the years, with our own twist. One thing about this band is that we are all die hard music lovers, 5 guys influenced by so many artists and styles. Its alot of fun writing for this band, anything goes.

Q. Growing up who were the most influential known/local bands to you?

As far as hardcore, for me the most influential was Agnostic Front, they always took it for me. Of course there are so many bands, when I was younger, like Black Sabbath, Cocksparrer, Metallica, Misfits. As far as local acts, that’s hard to say, there wasn’t much going on locally.

Q. Greatest/hardest thing about being in WIC?

Greatest thing is just being on stage, seeing people get excited. Hardest thing is the fact that we have total faith in this band, and we think we can push it very far, but we can’t play as often as we want, gets depressing, but real life and responsibility prevent us from touring as much as we would like to.

Q. Favorite place to play?

Outside of our local area, I would have to say London. The crowd is so cool, so many people we have alot in common with and can relate to the music. London has always been a city of musical lovers, its just great being there.

Q. How was Europe vs. America?

That’s hard to say, some areas of Europe have their strong scenes, and some areas in the USA have very strong scenes. So when you tour either place, it all depends on the local scene. Europe though is def more organized, and it’s easier for us at least to set up tours.

Q. What was the lyrical/musical process writing “Class War”

Everyone in this band writes music, Mad Joe does all the vocals. So from song to song, musically it can be very different. Vocally you can always expect true life stories from Joe. He is more of a Johnny Cash style song writer, telling stories alot. We would write the music for a song, maybe give Joe an idea and he would take it from there. Its alot of fun writing in this band. Lyrically expect topics going on in ours, and Joes life at the time. Alot of songs are about working day to day, the daily grind, sometimes childhood stories, sometimes stories from the road. Musically you will def hear influences from punk rock, hardcore, oi, or metal.

Q. How is this album different then previous efforts?

Its not that much different then the last album “Die Young”, maybe at times you may notice a little more speed, or you may think its heavier at times, but when you narrow it down song to song, its just Wisdom In Chains doing whatever they want. We did however get more time in the studio, so hopefully people will appreciate this production a bit more.

Q. What is your favorite track on the album or is each track significant to you?

This question would have a different answer depending on who in the band you ask. For me though, my fav track is “My Promise”. It has Frankie from Trust In Few/Death Before Dishonor helping us on vocals. Lyrically I give Joe credit, makes me think; musically I love the lead that Tony pulls off at the end, total southern rock Lynyrd Skynyrd vibe. Its starts off fast, just driving away, and ends with total melody, I like that one.

Q. Any plans to tour for summer/fall?

Not really, we may hit up Europe in August, but otherwise, no plans as of now.

10. Anything you wanna say to your fans?

Just that we appreciate all the back. People show up, and we promise always to try and put on a good show. I am a fan of hardcore, so I can relate to everyone coming to shows. Being in the HC scene is something special. This kind of music doesn’t just fall on your lap, it’s not on the radio when you get in your car. To be into hardcore you have to be a musical archeologist, you have to hunt, search and dig to find the real shit. So I know it’s not easy, but the people that went out of the way for us, thanks alot.




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