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Q. What prompted you to start DCR?

Always loved Punk and Hardcore and Oi. Just figured it would be cool to release my friend’s records. DIY ethic really.

Q. Prior to starting did you have any experience running a label? If not, where did you learn the basics?

No experience. Well I did run Nawpost records before starting Dead City. But it’s all the same family. Before that I worked at an indie record store called Rockin Rex in Yonkers. Back in the day I used to ask alot of questions to Jim from Noiseville and Sam from Vermiform about running a label. Always asking other people when I did not know was how it was done.

Q. What are the hardest and most enjoyable aspects to running a label?

The hardest; getting people to buy CDs nowadays is pretty hard. The most enjoyable is meeting new friends and doing alot of traveling.

Q. Who has DCR worked with and who is DCR currently working with?

The latest releases are from Billy Club Sandwich and No Redeeming Social Value. Been friends with those guys for years. I deal with bands who know the real deal when it comes to music. If some band expects to get a boatload of money and a van from Dead City then they can look elsewhere. Ain’t no fantasy about playing in a NYHC Punk band. Hell I’d love to sell a million copies of a CD – but when has a NYHC band ever done that before. All of the bands on Dead City know the deal and I respect them for that.

Q. Can you describe the process of working with a band from when they agree to do a record with DCR through the pressing of the album?

Well you have to understand that I ain’t some big corporation. I deal with friends and like to keep it that way. I don’t have huge dollars to throw at bands but I will work hard trying to promote them. Well the last 2 releases were alot of pulling teeth. NRSV and BCS had tour deadlines to get the CD out. So that’s always fun -rushing to get recordings done and artwork done and mastering done before the tour starts.

Q. Where does DCR distribute?

You can buy Dead City releases from Revelation, Very, Rucktion UK, Jukeboxxx Japan, Interpunk, and many other small distros. Or buy CDs and clothing on the website at

Q. How does DCR promote albums?

Try to put ads on MySpace, ads in magazines. Make posters, flyers at venues. I will mail out promos, etc… typical stuff. The best promotion is when the bands plays out. Alot of times I am there to help sell and promote at the shows. But I definitely invest money to help promote a band. Usually money from sales goes right back into promotion.

Q. What are some of the things you look for when selecting a band to work with?

Friendship. Without that there is nothing else. Having pipe dreams of making millions from NYHC is not what I have nor the bands I deal with. I run a label for the same reason you run a magazine. Life is miserable enough and without music it would be intolerable.

Q. What advice can you give bands who want to sign to a label but are new to the game?

Don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed.

Q. What are the current projects DCR has coming in the New Year?

Well I’d like to do a NRSV discography CD since their old releases are hard to get. Maybe a NRSV live album vinyl only release. Other than that I have no plans. But I’m sure something will come along.

Q. What advice can you give people interested in starting a label but don’t know where to start?

It’s a new ballgame now. If a band wants to release their own CD then that is one thing. Since CD sales are so dismal compared to 10 years ago I don’t know if starting a label is worth it anymore. I can still sell CDs because of my connections but 5 years from now who knows what will happen. The art of the record booklet is dying but there are still some who prefer to hold a nice package and read the lyrics in a nice booklet. Most people will start digital only labels in the future. I’ll take the best of both worlds any day. But the bottom line is have fun doing it!



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