50 Caliber


Artist: 50 Caliber
Label: Filled With Hate Records

Q. How did 50 Caliber come together?

50 Caliber came together as a group of kids always into metal & hardcore, none of us could play an instrument really but we had been watching our local hardcore band KNUCKLEDUST rehearse since we were like 14 yrs old and we just decided one day we wanna do a band and Knuckledust have helped us out ever since.

Q. Growing up what were yr influences?

Well we all had different influences but I guess the main ones were bands like Madball A.F., Skarhead, All Out War, Bulldoze, Hatebreed bands like that. But some us have a lot of metal influences too, ie Pantera Machine Head old days when they were doing good music! I suppose our biggest influence has been Knuckledust not just their music but advice they’ve given us, situations they’ve helped us out in, shit like that, taking us on tour so yeah I’d say they are our biggest influence.

Q. Did NYHC play a big part in shaping what has become yr musical style?

Yeah NYHC has always played a big part in every hardcore bands existence, but a lot of bands are also modeled on euro bands or west coast bands but I would say NYHC is probably the most dominant genre of hardcore still today.

Q. How has the British scene evolved over the last 10 years?

The British scene has come up leaps & bounds in the last 10 years, bands are coming out left, right & center putting out good music regularly, got the merch shit on lockdown, all doing their own thing, getting on big shows and big tours. Things are going so well at the moment; things can only go up now. We got Rucktion Records running the DIY London & UK scenes, shit there even running most of Europe competing with the big labels.

Q. What is the status of the new album?
Well the status of the new album is we are in the process right now of writing, getting all the tracks finished then we just gotta go in and lay down the tracks. Waiting for the label to do their thang, we’ll be coming out on Filled With Hate Records. www.filledwithhate.com
Q. When is the release date for it?

We are going for an October release date. I think we will be unveiling the album @ this years Maximum Destruction Fest in Germany.

Q. What has been yr writing (lyrical/musical) process for the album?

The writing process is just me & our axe man Steve, we just get the songs down and then we show them to everyone. If we agree, we keep if not we chop and change shit and our singer Baz writes all his own lyrics.

Q. What made you decide to release an album after 8 years?

Well an album has been in the cards for so long, we gotta pull our finger out and do it. We’ve got 3 CD’s, a split CD and have been on shitloads of comps. We gotta do it now or never so I say we do it now! Plus Ray from Knuckledust keeps bugging us to get one out and our label boss Axel, we owe him a killer album and it will be killer!

Q. Will there be some sort of tour ‘round Europe, perhaps cross the pond?

There will definitely be some kind of tour ‘round Europe don’t know what though, nothing has been booked as of yet. We have some cool shows this summer, good festivals to play but we will also be coming across the pond sometime this year, maybe hook up with Shattered Realm do something or maybe BCS, see what happens. Keep ya eyes peeled!

Q. Any bands you feel we should step up and pay attention to coming from London?

Yeah man loads of cool bands from London, BUN DEM OUT, NINEBAR, DICTION, BARRAKA LBU, TRC, PROWLER, INJURY TIME, KARTEL & MALDITO Check all these bands out @ www.rucktion.com

Q. Anything you’d like to say to yr fans?

Yeah were back. Coming to destroy and drink and fight in a town near you soon so watch out for 50 CALIBER LBU. New CD dropping soon on Filled With Hate Records.

“http://www.rucktion.com” www.rucktion.com

“http://www.filledwithhate.com” www.filledwithhate.com

“http://www.myspace.com/filledwithhate” www.myspace.com/filledwithhate

“http://www.myspace.com/50caliberlbu” www.myspace.com/50caliberlbu

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